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About Us

Who are we?

Micro Dominions is small company based out of Las Vegas, Nevada with a goal to bridge classic RPG games with today's innovations. We aim to bring fellow gamers more than just sweet digital art, more than another tabletop accessory, and more than another box that gets added to your gaming shelf. We crave immersive games with new characters which plunge players into uncharted worlds. Micro Dominions has had enough of playing inside the box.


Why do we love what we do? 

We love to support the local, national, and international TTRPG community. Whether that is by crafting game accessories, creating a new campaign, or meeting up with some players to adventure with.

How did we get our start? 

In 2021 a group of friends dreamed of ways to support other TTRPG players and improve their campaigns experiences. We decided to begin 3D printing minis, creating dice boxes, and creating our own campaigns.

What makes our products unique? 

Our products are handcrafted in the United States with the best quality materials possible.

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