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Everything You Need to Know

I’ve subscribed to a paper miniature subscription. Now what?

Now we celebrate that you’ve joined our little dominion! All character releases are on the 1st and 15th of each month. Members will receive an e-mail upon initial sign-up and when a new character releases. This e-mail contains a link which will redirect you to the Members Area of our website. From there, you can download the current character. You will be charged upon initial sign-up, and on the first of every month.


When do I get the first miniature after I subscribe?

If you subscribe from the 1st-14th, you will get two paper miniatures that month. If you subscribe from the 15th-last day of the month, you will get one paper miniature that month.


Do I get access to all previously released paper miniatures if I subscribe?

No, our subscriptions are not retroactive. What you DO get is a monthly coupon for a percentage off of your entire purchase! Limited variations of previously dropped miniatures will be available for purchase in the online store.


How do I cancel my subscription?

Simple. Login to your account, go to “my subscriptions”, and select cancel. Or you can e-mail us if you’d like and we’ll take care of it. After you are cancelled, you will no longer be charged, however any previous charges will not be refunded.


What kind of printer do I need?

Any printer that can print 8.5” x 11” paper will work.

Do you offer .svg files to laser cut the miniatures?

Good news, we’re working it. Other good news, we’re coming up with additional alternatives for you to easily cut our miniatures without the need for a laser cutter. Stay tuned.

Can I send my files to a printing company?

Yes. A couple things to be aware of if you do. Some printing places will not use adobe when opening the pdf and sending it to the printer. This will result in the text and backgrounds printing, although in some cases this may be desirable, please verify with the printing company before you purchase. We recommend getting a “proof” of a single page before printing the entire booklet.



Do you guys ship pre-cut paper miniatures?

Yes. Please e-mail if you’re interested. If there’s enough demand in the community, we’ll happily add this option to subscribers and the online store.



I’m having issues downloading the digital files, what do I do?

Send us an email at and we’d be happy to help.



Do I need a specific program to open the digital files?

Any program which can read PDFs will work, however we do recommend Adobe Acrobat in order to remove the background when you print out characters.


Other paper miniature companies have a clickable pdf to choose what I want. Is there a way to click through yours instead of looking through such a large document?

Since our characters are drawn with far more detail, color, and options compared to other RPG paper miniatures sellers, it would require an VERY capable computer to load and click through all 40+ variations for each character. The PDF format allows simple downloading, printing, and processing for your convenience.

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